The inherent qualities of materials that we consume and dispose resonate for me on a personal and social scale. Through manipulating and reconfiguring ordinary, disposable materials into new combinations I extrapolate a beauty in unexpected places while redirecting the viewers’ expectations of what is overlooked and discardable. Everyday utilitarian, construction, and packaging materials including trash bags, debris netting and caution tape are twisted, knitted and threaded into intricate weavings, sculptures and installations turning the familiar into the surprising.


My work is marked by an emphasis on process. Twisting, braiding weaving these materials, becomes a way to domesticate, redeem, and humanize my surroundings. Notions relating to domesticity, spirituality, scientific progress, desire and consumption and how these in turn affect my sense of self and my relationship to others, is the focus of my installations. 


Inspired by weaving practices and architecture, they function as visual metaphors exploring, the tension between nature and artifice, the permanent and the consumable, the individual and the collective. The work points to my search for what makes us human and not merely living creatures or even products, while calling attention to the urgent need to care for both the natural and social fabric of our environment.